It’s… ️ time o’clock

This is no magic, just history, calculation, astronomy, geography and logic,

And the Life of an Artist. There are many people, who know me on Instagram.

Nature decides your Destiny. Just wanted to restart my own life and live in peace with

My family.

So no longer secret-talking. We are open-minded, all of us.

I didn’t buy any follower, just followed my program and Nature starts it with our birth.

I have a plan for my home-base: family and town. So everything stays equal, beacause

It’s connected with my memories and hometown.

Everyone cleanes their own dishes.

& Bavaria is neutral, and everyone else too, that’s what I learned in life.

Nature’s plan is that we learn and share. Others haven’t to spy. Spy=Inspire.

So we talk and share. Tim can Cook as we all know.

And it’s connected with so many artists all over the world. Films, music, each hint

comes together at the end (personal), for all of us its just a peaceful life we

Accept different languages, cultures, colors (by the way we all have the same color)

Thanks to my crush: @jenniferaniston

Her origins are in Greece (the secret is to read and listen), 

so the next step of Nature was the connection San Torin – Comer Lake.

To learn something about an origin version read and learn the origin story of Brothers Grimmüder_Grimm (don’t know other wise Google it, as I do.)

We learn from each other and teach each other, for example why all elephants die in Africa,

And how we can protect them.

I have friends and family over the world, also USA & China.

And we all are connected. Spend my time in Greece when there was an earthquake,

Know friends ‚more family‘ who died in Thailand (Tsunami). Many Turkish friends, I respect

Their culture, and that’s all I want as Bavarian,Germany. Travel around (Nature in mind) with

An equal heart.

I have my job done, like everybody else. And now we work together.

Nature equalizes everything, when somewhere bad things happen, Nature always

Takes something good.

The float will be in the Alps, Nature protects their Ice. Theirs not ours.

COVID-19 -> 

CO = means cooperate/talk kooperiert/redet miteinander 

VID = ok, if you don’t talk, Nature regulates it…



Wowa-> woman -> woman & man 

putin -> put in -> all equal

Love all of my Russian ladies in Germany and everywhere.



CHI -> Christ(oph) -> Bewahrer, Beschützer (your country)

NA -> neutral.


Braun -> brown -> bear





Walkie Talkie Time. We start. We talk. We live. We love. We laugh.

Remember Banksy and his Art and the news of Corona.

So don’t worry. Ingolstadt, and so on. I need helping hands.

We write some books for all. Sharing is caring. Thanks for your good Food

Around the world the friendships and the challenge. Didn’t expecting that.

Have to say sorry at the place the puzzle was completed. 

WORK – NATURE – BALANCE. Peace and go to sleep.

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